Built for performance, safety and strength, while able to provide excellent sustainable drainage system, the Gridforce system can be used for a variety of building and landscaping applications which include soil, turf and grass-based lawn reinforcement designs.

Tough cell construction and excellent design means the Gridforce system is a brilliant erosion control tool maintaining a level surface structure and offering weather-resistance you won't find elsewhere. Constructed from 100% recycled plastic, Gridforce cell lawn-reinforcement system is designed with superior durability and strength, ensuring a long-lasting transformation of your lawn or turfed area.

For areas of grass which are flat and free draining, the Gridforce Park Range can be inverted and pressed into existing grass without the conventional dig-out and build-up of a sub-base, also known as the flip and clip installation. This allows ground reinforcement without the expense of a full installation especially where tree root protection is a primary concern.

Groundwork Projects