The installation at Vauquiedor Farm, Guernsey was to produce additional car parking spaces for the client and was successfully completed in January 2007.  The client, Island Construction Ltd stated that “there was a considerable saving of between 35-50% with the installation of Gridforce against other traditional methods”. Not only was there a significant reduction in construction costs but, with the project located in a valley area of the island, drainage was also a consideration.  Gridforce is SuDS compliant system and, therefore, additional drainage was not required – a further saving. 


Kevin Simon ,the channel island distributor commented “this contract illustrates the benefits of Gridforce against more traditional methods and is now becoming recognised as the future”. He recently re visited the farm to see how the Gridforce was getting on 9 years later and found it looked as good as new. Please see photos below from 25/2/2016.

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