After speaking to Future Contractors Ltd about possible solutions, the Zoo decided the best route to go down would be using Gridforce GF30, a strong and robust paver in unison with a resin bound top. A resin bound surface is essentially gravel or stone bound with resin to give it a smooth, yet textured finish giving the appearance of “loose gravel”. This means that the finished product would be a fully compliant sustainable drainage system and also maintenance free as the aggregate is bound on top.

The build-up was as follows:

  •   MOT Type 3

  •   Non-woven geotextile

  •   30mm of 6mm hard angular gravel bedding layer

  •   Gridforce GF30

  •   6mm aggregate infill

  •   Resin bound top

Step 1

Dig out and remove the existing path way down to substrate. The amount removed is dependent on the ground characteristics and therefore the depth of the drainage material needed. The worse the ground condition, the more MOT Type 3 (drainage media) is needed for the rain water to filter through. Additionally, if the ground contains any soft sports a geogrid may be used for reinforcement; luckily this

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