Gridforce installation guide will provide full construction profile information for site specific conditions and varying applications.

Gridforce pavers are normally laid on a free draining stone base, eliminating the requirement for drainage pipework, and returning storm water to the water table, thereby relieving pressure on sewers. Depending on existing ground conditions we may be able to offer a reduced dig or no dig solution, this can be beneficial where financial costs and or time scales are severely restrained.

Additionally, for areas of grass which are flat and free draining, the Gridforce Park Range can be inverted and pressed into existing grass without the conventional dig-out and build-up of a sub-base, also known as the flip and clip or no-dig solution. This allows ground reinforcement without the expense of a full installation especially where tree root protection is a primary concern.

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Installation Guide

Our guide will assist you in installing our grid systems for the perfect ground reinforcement.

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Material calculator

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MOT Type 3
Sharp sand
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